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2017 Issue Forum Recordings

The Science of Substance Abuse and Treatment Options, October 19th 2017 Issue Forum Recording, the topic of the Manitowoc County League of Women Voters public forum at 7 p.m. Oct. 19, 2017 at City Hall, 900 Quay Street.

Dan Walters, R.Ph., pharmacy manager at Walgreens in Manitowoc, is the guest speaker. Walters serves as a clinical instructor for Wisconsin's drug recognition program and has given presentations to law enforcement groups across the state. He was a research fellow in the Department of Pharmacology at UW-Madison and has been recognized for excellence in teaching and mentoring pharmacy students. His areas of interest include alternative and natural medicines. Printable Science of Substance Abuse Flyer

Hot Topics in the News

Wisconsin's Partisan Gerrymandering Case, authored by Staci Duros, PhD, legislative analyst, published by the nonpartisan Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau discusses the Wisconsin Gill v. Whitford case hearing before the US Supreme Court in 2017.

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