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How to Vote in WI

WI Voter ID. How to register to vote. Where to vote. When are election days? and more...

WI Voter ID (printable PDFs)

General Voter Information

Current information about elections, campaigning, contests and candidates, see the Vote 411 website or My Vote Wisconsin website.

MPSD's Lincoln High School created a video How to Register to Vote

Voter registration, polling place location and more.

To look up your voter registration and polling place location, check provisional vote status or check absentee ballot status, see the Vote 411 website or State of Wisconsin Voter Public Access website.

Election Days

Primary Elections: Held to nominate candidates to be voted on in the general or spring election.

Spring Primary: Third Tuesday in February. In presidential election years, Presidential Preference Primaries are also held at this time.

Fall Primary: Second Tuesday in September.

Spring Election: First Tuesday in April to elect judicial and non-partisan municipal, county and education officials.

General Election: Even-numbered years on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November to elect U.S. senators, representatives to Congress, president and vice president, and state and county partisan officers.

Special Elections: Held to fill vacancies or for other designated purposes.

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